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Grady's Fine Leather Goods is a location in Dirtwater that becomes available after finding Grady Tanner hiding by the storage shed behind Danny's Tannery. Once he sets up shop, he sells various pants and lapel embellishments which will increase your stats. When the lot to his right is filled, he will sell an additional item based on which shop moves in.

Dirtwater tannery.png
Grady's Fine Leather Goods
Unlocked by
Finding Grady hiding at Danny's Tannery.


* bootstraps 80 Meat With Tony's Boots next door
* cargo chaps 300 Meat With Liquid Bread Brewing Co. next door
* enchanted bandolier 500 Meat With Murray's Curiosity & Bean next door
* entire leather pants 2000 Meat With Alexandria's Bookstore next door
* fine bandolier 500 Meat
* flexible chaps 400 Meat
* greased bandolier 300 Meat With Hot Doug's Hot Dogs next door
* inflexible chaps 400 Meat
* sharpening strop 100 Meat