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West of the Mountains
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Ghostwood is a small literal ghost town past the mountains near the northwest of the map. It contains five buildings.

A visit to Ghostwood is necessary to complete one of the tasks set upon you by the Mayor of Breadwood.

The ghosts that reside in Ghostwood are obsessed with bureaucracy, much to the annoyance of the player character.

The buildings in order:

  1. Salooooon AKA "Department of Libations"
  2. Stable AKA "Department of Records"
  3. Jail AKA "Adjunct Department of Records"
  4. Office Supply AKA "Office of Requisition"
  5. Town Hall


Lumber permit[]

  • Go to Ghostwood and deal with the ghost bureaucracy.
    • Go to town hall to get a visitor's ID.
      • Find a #3 pencil.
        • Go to the Office of Requisition in the Office Supply store. They will refuse to serve you without a visitor's permit or ID.
        • Go back to Town Hall. Note that there are six bars on the jailhouse window.
        • Answer the clerk's questions and get a temporary visitor's permit. It expires in eleven seconds. This is not enough time to buy a pencil.
        • Pick a #4 pencil out of the cactus near town hall using the corner of the temporary visitor permit. You now have a ghost pencil.
        • Shave off 25% of the pencil using the pencil sharpener outside of the Salooooon.
        • Go back to Town Hall.
        • Answer the clerk's questions the exact same way you did previously, even if the answers are incorrect. The ONLY exception is that there are now ten bars on the jailhouse window and door.
        • Receive Ghostwood visitor's ID.
    • Locate the logging records.
      • Speak with the clerk in Town Hall.
      • Go to the Stable where the Department of Records in located.
      • Remind them you are looking for logging records. Plot twist: they are not there.
      • Go next door to the Jail where the Adjunct Department of Records is located. They will refuse to give you the records without a stapler.
      • Go to the Office of Requisition in the Office Supply store.
      • Request a stapler.
        • Fill out the requisition for the exact same way you answered the questions for your visitor's ID.
        • Inform them if you like pie or cake.
        • Receive a ghost stapler.
      • Go back to the Adjunct Department of Records in the Jail.
      • Give them the stapler, receive the Breadwood logging report.
      • Return to the Department of Records in the Stable.
      • Bring the folder to Town Hall. The clerk will reject the because they are stapled in the middle. Return to the Adjunct Department of Records in the Jail.
    • Get the documents unstapled.
      • The Adjunct Department of Records is not sanctioned to unstaple, so they will send you to the Department of Records in the Stable.
      • The Department of Records is sanctioned to unstaple but does not have a staple remover because they loaned it to the Department of Libations in the Salooooon.
      • Visit the Department of Libations and retrieve the ghost staple remover.
      • The Department of Libations is not sanctioned to unstaple, so return to the Department of Records.
      • Return the unstapler and have the staple removed.
    • Return to Town Hall to finalize paperwork
  • Return to Breadwood and have the Mayor sign the forms.
    • Loan the Mayor your sharpened ghost pencil. Make sure you collect it when he's done, as you will need it later.
    • Return to Ghostwood and submit the papers to the clerk in the Town Hall. Returning without the pencil will prompt the player to retrieve it from the Mayor.
    • Wait 48 hours for the paperwork to be processed.
  • Return to Ghostwood to pick up the Breadwood logging permit.


  • Telling the clerk that your middle name is "Murder" will set your character's middle name to "Edgelord", the clerk will also call you edgelord and that will be the name written on your permit, meaning you will have to answer "Edgelord" when later filling out your name.
    • Answering "Murder" after this will no longer work.