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Gary the Goblin
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Cellar of the Boring Springs Saloon
Could be!

One of four possible pardners coming out of the tutorial, Gary the goblin is an innocent and curious goblin who often seeks nonviolent resolutions to problems. As a pardner he involves a trade-off, in that he allows you to side-step many goblin-related combats, making the game generally easier, but in doing so he also limits your available options.

Recruiting Gary[]

  • Tell the bartender in Boring Springs you'll take care of his goblin problem. This unlocks the door to the cellar.
  • Once there, do not immediately talk to the goblin, but instead, grab a bottle of nurse whiskey from the crate under the stairs. This will allow you to gain access to the Doc Alice's House, once you've talked to the Hostler.
  • Speak with Doc Alice at her house.
  • Inside, on the bookshelf, you'll find a book which will give you the goblintongue skill.
  • Return to the saloon cellar and use the skill to talk to Gary rather than killing him.
  • He will then offer to join you (this necessarily prevents you from completing the quest given by the bartender).


  • Gary knows about a variety of locations that he may reveal to you. He knows of one area in each region of the map:
Region Location Gary may reveal
a Fort Cowardice
b The Big Apple
c Humming Cave
d Ghostwood
e The West Pole
f Ol' Granddad
g Last Custard Stand
h Halloway's Hideaway


Gary has the following combat abilities:

Inv iconframe.pngIcon garyfu.png Gary-Fu allows him to attack a single target multiple times, with the number of attacks based on his level, capped at 6.
  • Damage done in each attack has some variance, and is based on (5 + the difference between his and the enemy's muscle, minus their armor), to that value + 3 (with a minimum of 1).
Inv iconframe.pngIcon spawngoblin.png Spawn Grunt allows him create a copy of himself to use as a meatshield/attack. Can only be used once per fight.
  • The grunt is preferentially spawned in the front-middle spot.
  • The grunt will have 9/10 (rounded down) of his muscle, mysticality, moxie, and maximum HP.
  • The grunt will attack the front-most target using a Basic Melee Attack, with a base damage of 5 + 3 * Gary's level.
Inv iconframe.pngIcon spores.png At level 3, he gains the Fungal Spores ability, which allows him to blast out fungal spores, reducing the entire enemy team's stats by 3.


  • Gary only levels up by eating bags of Shroom-Gro.
    • He has a base of 3*level in each state, although each level also provides an additional, variable increase to his stats, either adding (3, 2, 1), (2, 1, 3), or (1, 3, 2) to his muscle, mysticality, moxie respectively.
      • The sum of his stats per level is thus constant, at 15*level
Level Muscle Mysticality Moxie Max HP Armor Gary-Fu hits Notes
1 4 - 6 4 - 6 4 - 6 15 3 1
2 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12 20 5 2
3 12 - 18 12 - 18 12 - 18 25 7 3 receives the Fungal Spores ability
4 16 - 24 16 - 24 16 - 24 30 9 4
5 20 - 30 20 - 30 20 - 30 35 11 5
6 24 - 36 24 - 36 24 - 36 40 13 6
7 28 - 42 28 - 42 28 - 42 45 15 6
8 32 - 48 32 - 48 32 - 48 50 17 6


  • Gary's name means "orange blossom" in the goblin language.
  • Gary stands at the first row of he combat grid, being arguably the preferable pardner for tanking damage from low-level enemies, sharing the biggest pool of health along with Crazy Pete, and possesing a combat skill allowing him to spawn a replacement in case that he dies.
  • Gary allows special interactions with almost every goblin in the game, except those found at Ol' Granddad, often allowing you to buy items from them multiple times, such as the eternal flame goblin at the Military Cemetery who will sell you goblin bratwurst after speaking with Gary.
  • Gary won't join you if you are wearing the hard hat. This decision is made by the hat.