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Unlocked by
Either of the following:
Acquiring the wood needed to build the regular bridge to allow the train to proceed out of the western Railroad Camp.

Building a bone bridge with "Unlimited Bones" perk from Buffalo Pile upon resurrecting the bone soldier, alongside with 4 Nex-Mex book read.

Building an El Vibrato bridge with the model obtained from Curious Copse powered terminal.

Frisco is a town west of the canyon, it is the ending point of the game. When you arrive you encounter Emperor Norton, who throws ant-eye virus in your eye, affecting your vision (if you don't give him a crown).

Internal Locations[]

Frisco station[]

Frisco's train station is the end of the railways. You cannot interact with the building or get inside of it even after the train arrives.

The Cinema[]

At the cinema you can watch the final cut scene of the game as many times as you would like. This may change if you interact with the world after depending on your actions. Accessible after dealing with Emperor Norton.

Clooncy's Bar[]

Next to the cinema.


At the west end of Frisco there is a line of houses described as "nearly identical houses as far as the eye can see in that direction".


A discarded comedy flier lies on the ground. Picking it up and reading it unlocks Wasco's Comedy Shack.


Bad Guys[]

  • Emperor Norton will only exist as a bad guy if no crown is offered to him.

Other People[]

Frisco's Known history[]

  • Frisco was founded by Samson Frisco.
  • Not long after Frisco was founded, a mining fever spread.