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Fort of Darkness
West of the Mountains
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Fort of Darkness is a location in West of Loathing, south-east of Roy Bean's House. It is revealed when you agree to help Roy get his beans back or when you agree to help the Petting Cemetery owner get his Packrat skeleton back.

The fort is full of hippies strung out on psychoactive mushrooms. You can have Todd, the chemist. brew Dirtihippica extract from a Lactarius Dirtihippica mushroom, which is a potion necessary to finding Irene's lounge in the Shroomcave.

There are also several cult members exercise enthusiasts practicing Kurtzfit in the third tent.

A portal opens at the far end of the courtyard once you complete the El Vibrato sidequest. You can reach in and grab a pair of Hide shoes from a pair of cavemen hitting each other over the head with clubs.

The Watchtower[]