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Fort Unnecessary
Unlocked by

Fort Unnecessary offers a quest line to have you train/help a group of misfit soldiers via different methods, all to the pleasure of their supervising officer, Captain Harriet Davenport.

The Watchtower[]


The supervising officer asks you to help out with her misfit team:


  • A medal of adequacy can be retrieved from General Whatshisname's desk in the Administration building.

Bad Guys[]

Goblinhead angry.png Goblin shed Goblinhead angry.png
Bad guys
1-9 of
XP (kill)
60 - 63 x number of goblin shed fights
1 of
20% chance of goblin trash sack
20% chance of goblin shortpants
  • The gun storage shed is crammed full of goblins. If you do not have Gary as a pardner, you can fight them, with the number of goblins increasing by 1 every time you do, up until 9 goblins. However, the amount of experience you gain will keep increasing.
    • The kind of goblin, and their starting positions on the combat grid are chosen randomly.


  • If you possess the key-Shaped El Vibrato device there will be a time window almost on top of your character's starting location. Looking through it will describe a scene where in cars are driving by really fast and every 15 seconds a man swears as a rectangular 6"x3" object falls by your view.