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Fort Cowardice
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by

Fort Cowardice is a location in West of Loathing, east of the Cavern Canyon. It is revealed when you accept the quest from the cook at The Jewel Saloon.

The Watchtower[]


Outside the Fort[]

Inside the Fort[]

Administration/ Mess Hall

First Tent

Math Tent

Toilet Tent

Bad Guys[]

WoL General Gob.png General Gob
Bad guys
General Gob
a beleaguered pie safe
XP (kill)
30 - 33
General Gob's pistol
General Gob's hat
Armytent.png A tentful of sleeping goblins
Bad guys
a moxious goblin
a moxious goblin
a tough-looking goblin
XP (kill)
30 - 33
XP (fungicide)
Triangle.png Goblin Caves
Bad guys
1-3 of
XP (kill)
10 - 11 x number of goblins
1-2 of
70% chance of 1 of
20% chance of 1 of
  • The 3rd tent (the one marked Toilet Tent) has a ladder down to the Goblin Caves. Inside is a triangle, which if you ring it will summon goblins you can fight.
    • The number of goblins involved is limited based on how many fights you have done. The first time you fight just 1; with less than 10 fights, you fight 1 or 2; with less than 20, you fight 2 or 3; and with 20 or more you fight 3.
      • In Hard Mode you start as if you've already fought 10, and may only do 5 fights per day.