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You know how to live off the land, by extracting booze and cactus potions from the land.

Properties[edit source]

Class: N/A
Type: Miscellaneous
AP Cost: N/A

Effects[edit source]

Level 1:

You can forage basic goods from the cacti

Level 2: 200 XP

You can forage high-quality goods from the cacti

Level 3: 300 XP

You can forage really fancy goods from cacti

Acquired From

Foragables[edit | edit source]

You can harvest goods from various plants:

Level Plant Fruit
1 Beer-barrel cactus mug of cactus beer
Button cactus cactus bits
Coffee cactus hot coffee
Gin blossom blossom gin
2 Frisco poppy (plant) Frisco poppy
Hagar's Agave (plant) agave nectar
Pepperoni mold tombstone pizza
Shockweed shockweed extract
Tuna cactus can of tuna
3 Loco weed loco weed extract
Northern Clownwort clownwort pollen

Additionally, random encounters in different regions will also yield items based on your Foragin' skill level:

Region Level Fruit
Region A 1 hot coffee
mug of cactus beer
cactus bits
Region B 1 hot coffee
mug of cactus beer
2 can of tuna
Region C 1 blossom gin
2 tombstone pizza
3 clownwort pollen
Region D 1 blossom gin
2 tombstone pizza
shockweed extract
Region E 2 agave nectar
can of tuna
3 loco weed extract
Region F 2 agave nectar
3 loco weed extract
Region G 2 Frisco poppy
3 banana
Region H 3 banana
moustache sap

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Foragin' 5 times (whether harvesting plants or through random encounters) will grant you the Green Thumb perk.
  • The floral ring will be found after Foragin' 7 - 9 times.