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Felicity Wainwright
Head lady lawyer.png
Gun Manor Art Gallery

Felicity Wainwright is one of the ghosts in Gun Manor. She can be found in Gun Manor Art Gallery.


You can either fight her, or if you have the Gun Law perk you can out-lawyer her and she will leave. You can do this by talking to the postmaster in Dirtwater about Macready after checking the library. They send you to Desert House, where you can dig up his grave and acquire his pocket watch. Head back to gun manor and at which point you can either give Felicity the pocket watch and receive her attorney's badge or you can just tell her that you found and talked to Macready and she will fade leaving you the pocket watch (major bonus to meat gains and item finding).


  • If you don't hand the watch to her you get to keep the watch but you wont receive the badge.
  • You can still complete the quest peacefully even if you completed the librarian's quest first. Just investigate the bookshelves.


  • Based on her name ending in "Wright" and the fact that she's a lawyer, along with frequent uses of the phrases "TAKE THAT!" and "OBJECTION!" plus an obsession with using evidence to prove everything, this is a reference to the Ace Attorney series. Her initial dialogue also mentions that the first rule for a lawyer is to "trust and believe in your client", because "if you don't believe your client is innocent, you'll never convince anyone else he is, either". This is similar to what Mia Fey tells Phoenix Wright in the first case of the first game, in addition to being one of the general moral message of the series as a whole. The badge she rewards you also bears a heavy resemblance to Phoenix's badge in design.