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Emperor Norton
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Emperor Norton is an insane old man in Frisco. You must either give him a crown or chase him on the roof of a train in order to stop his reign of madness.


  • If you give him a crown of any kind, the Main Quest is ended there and then. He seems happy enough with being allowed to keep up the pretence of being an Emperor.
    • There are four crowns you can give him.
    • One of the easiest is the turnip crown. You get the dusty turnip in Boring Springs, and plate it at The Silver Plater. The only requirements for this are Lockpickin' (to enter the Silversmith's House), 10 moxie (to unlock the Silver Plater) and 5000 meat to plate it (much more expensive in Hard Mode, at 20000).
    • You can make the gold tooth crown at Fort of Darkness. The difficulty here is finding enough gold teeth, since there are not enough fixed ones in the game: you will need to farm the remaining ones from random skeleton encounters and random grave loot, or The Daveyard's catacombs.
    • You can obtain the Necromancer's crown by becoming the Necromancer. Simply defeating him is not sufficient, it destroys the crown: and it also cannot be obtained in Hard Mode either, even if the player chooses to become the Necromancer.
    • Lastly, there is the El Vibrato crown obtained by completing the El Vibrato sidequest to contain Roberto. The difficulty here, of course, is actually finding it at all, or finding it in time: since the final section of El Vibrato is all in Region H, and unlocked only by wandering or travelling in the region - for which one must, of course, already have access to another Region H location: but the regular method of unlocking Region H is to read the comedy flier on the ground in Frisco to unlock Wasco's Comedy Shack, which cannot be done without having already dealt with Norton and and opened up the rest of Frisco (it may be possible to walk past Norton and pick up the flyer. Just hug the bottom of the screen and it seems to work.) The only other method to unlock Region H is via the bow-legged soldier in Fort Unnecessary: if you convince him to try riding a mule instead of a horse, this will unlock Alamo Rent-A-Mule, the only other Region H location that can be unlocked from outside the region. It is possible for the player to lock themselves out of this option by bending the soldier's legs back into shape instead, thus making it impossible to get into Region H (and thus impossible to get the El Vibrato crown at all) until after Norton is already dealt with.
  • If he is not given a crown, he infects the player character with ant-eye virus. He then runs off, leaving the character with impaired vision and a need for revenge, and takes over the train, and has to be dealt with in a complicated sequence of encounters on the train itself.




  • The character is based on a real person who was a citizen of San Francisco, California, who in 1859 declared himself "Norton I, Emperor of the United States".
  • Ironically, in 1872, the real Norton wrote an edict making it a misdemeanor to call San Francisco "Frisco"