El Vibrato cache

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El Vibrato caches are piles of El Vibrato loot found in various places. They include scraps, punchcards and various consumables, with the number depending on the region in which the encounter takes place. Special loot items are also found after opening a specific number of caches.

Combat items only drop in specific regions:

Finally, gear drops depending on the number of El Vibrato caches you have opened:

Caches Opened Special Loot
5 El Vibrato brooch
7 El Vibrato ring
11 El Vibrato boots
13 El Vibrato helmet
15 El Vibrato pistol (Snake Oiler)
El Vibrato club (Cow Puncher)
El Vibrato cone (Beanslinger)

Sources[edit | edit source]

Sources in normal map locations all require an El Vibrato keystone.

Wander events require an El Vibrato transponder.