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The El Vibrato are a mysterious ancient race that left ruins throughout the land, and a number of alien bad guys too.

The various El Vibrato items tend to be relatively powerful, and are worth acquiring, and using. Finding El Vibrato locations is predicated on first acquiring the El Vibrato transponder, given to you by the Perfessor. As you continue you will also want to acquire an El Vibrato rod to reveal otherwise invisible things, and eventually the key-shaped El Vibrato device will reveal still more, previously secret things.

El Vibrato facilities contain terminals and signs written in the El Vibrato language. Your game character will be able to translate words as he/she learns them, and there are a couple machines that teach the language as well.


The full quest-line is as follows:

  1. In the Bizarre Ruin, accessed from Humming Cave, acquire the strange stone arrow. This unlocks the ability to find The Perfessor's House when wandering.
  2. Show the strange stone arrow to the Perfessor. He will convert it into an El Vibrato transponder, which you will need to find further El Vibrato things, and lets you encounter El Vibrato constructs while wandering too.
  3. In the Lost Dutch Oven Mine, you can gain access to an El Vibrato Chamber in which you can find an El Vibrato device. Show this to the Perfessor to unlock a machine in his cabin which lets you convert (10) El Vibrato scraps into an El Vibrato battery. The latter are useful for powering various El Vibrato devices you find later.
  4. Curious Abandoned Well has a number of El Vibrato things. Most important is a facility for learning the El Vibrato language, but you can also grind experience by fighting drones, acquire some items, and further the quest to find musicians for The Jewel Saloon band.
  5. From Curious Copse you can get to El Vibrato Construction Facility (Sublevel 19). Solving a puzzle here will reward you with the El Vibrato model bridge which can help get your train across the canyon.
  6. Curious False Mountain and Curious Flat Plain have the two power controllers for "Roberto Containment". Both of them have to be set appropriately.
  7. Various El Vibrato items can be acquired in the El Vibrato Chamber in Soupstock Lode, the El Vibrato Outpost in Madness Maw Mine, and the El Vibrato Storage Room in Abandoned Mine.
  8. A final step is to investigate Deepest Delve Mine and get to the El Vibrato Control Center. Here you can complete the "Roberto Containment" system, gaining an achievement, the El Vibrato Crown, and improving the ending.