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House silversmith.png
Dr. Morton's House
Unlocked by
Asking Dr. Morton if she needs help with her experiments.

Here you can find Dr. Morton after she leaves Clooncy's Bar. Initially, outside the house is a (broken) drill machine and a partially buried hexagonal rock.


Inside Dr. Morton's House is a workbench, some high-tech electric lights, a bookshelf, a mirror, a stone bed and a table.

After talking to Dr. Morton you can go to the The West Pole and collect an Interesting rock. Upon giving it to her she will unlock the location Old Cave and request you get her a rock sample.

Upon giving her the weird rock sample she will say there is a vein of the same type of rock below her house and give you a quest to enter the Abandoned Mine to get her a High-tech drill bit to fix her drilling rig. Doing so unlocks Morton's Quarry.

Morton's Quarry[]

Object found in here consist of:

  • Dr. Morton
  • A uninteractable work table
  • A spinning stone that can be activated with 30 mysticality, opening the side chamber.
  • A golem, or menacing array of stones, that you have to defeat to move forward. Upon the golem being defeated, Dr. Morton will move further into the room and can be talked to to obtain the arcane geode hat.
A menacing array of stones
Bad guys
a floating hexagonal rock
a rumble of hexagons
a floating hexagonal rock
XP (kill)
300 - 315
  • a spinning stone that can be activated if you have 30 mysticality, opening the other door to the side chamber (this does nothing if you already went through the side chamber and left though this door).
  • a small hole that can be passed though with 30 moxie leading to the tiny Diverticulum.
  • a giant spinning pulsation hexagon that is uninteractable

Side Chamber[]

Inside the side chamber is a bunch of dangerous moving rocks that you will need 15 speed to get past.moving past them will allow you to get past the rock golem

Tiny Diverticulum[]

This area is reachable from the main quarry through a hexagonal hole. You will need at least 30 Moxie to be able to squeeze through.

This room contains a puzzle based around using 3 hexagons and will require 40 mysticality to use.

Each of the three stones has a fixed pattern of making hexagons appear each time they're pressed. If there are already hexagons present in the location, the hexagon will disappear. If no hexagon is present, one will appear. The goal is to make all the hexagons disappear. The steps I used are as follows: 1. The leftmost stone has 3 variations. 2. Know which variation will show up the next time you click it and either remember it or write it down. 3. Randomly click the Middle and Right stones until the above recorded variation appears. 4. Click the leftmost stone.

Inside the hole is a Polished diorite.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps from all six hexagons being active until all are gone:

  1. Use the third stone until the top and bottom hexagons are deactivated.
  2. Use the first stone once.
  3. Use the second stone six times.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

These steps make use of the fact that the third stone is the only one that affects the top hexagon, and the first two run on a cycle of 6 uses (if you use the first stone 6 times it goes back to before you used the first stone, and the same thing happens with the second). The third stone runs on a cycle of 12.