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Doc Alice's House
The Town of Boring Springs
Unlocked by
Arriving in town

Doc Alice's House is where you'll find Doc Alice, but first you'll have to convince her to open the door by giving her some "Nurse" brand whiskey.


  • Bookcase with 3 books. One gives the Goblintongue perk, one gives 3 xp, and 1 gives information necessary for the Curly's meat sidequest.
  1. "The Goblinoid Tongues: A Primer" - You start flipping through the goblin language book. It's confusing at first, but you eventually get so engrossed that by the time you take a break from reading, several BLURFs have passed, and you also know that BLURF is the goblin word for "hour." You have learned to speak Goblin. Sort of.
  2. "The Life and Works of Fred Ferguson" - This book purports to be a Civil War surgeon’s autobiography, but flipping through it you mostly just find lists of reasons that drinking alcohol is bad. So… it’s actually just a work of ludicrous speculative fiction. Ha ha.
  3. "The Legend of Curly's Meat" - The book tells the story of a legendary treasure -- a massive chest of premium Meat, secreted (in the 'hidden' sense, not in the 'extruded' sense) in the Western desert by an old cowhand named Curly Butterfield.


  • Doc Alice informs the player character at Olive Garden's Homestead that she has an herb garden behind her house, though it is unseen to the player.
  • The reason the clinic is closed is because Doc Alice is horrified by her patients coming back to life, coupled with her worsening drinking problem.
  • Gain 3 XP by reading one of the books in Doc Alice's house
  • Gain 1 XP by preening in front of the mirror in Doc Alice's house