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Doc Alice
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Doc Alice, one of the pardner choices is unlocked by acquiring the "Nurse" brand whiskey from the Boring Springs Saloon basement, learning about Doc Alice's enjoyment of whiskey from the hostler, and then gaining access to her home by offering her the whiskey. Once you've entered her home give her the whiskey and then talk to her about her problems and leaving the town, she will decide to follow you to search for the cause of the resurrection spree going on.


Doc Alice is described as being in her fifties with short, grey hair and some lines on her face due to age. Her eyes are bright and sharp, although they are bloodshot due to her habitual drinking.

Personality and Background[]

Doc Alice is an emotionally jaded alcoholic who lives in The Town of Boring Springs at her medical practice. She stopped seeing patients after seeing them come back to life due to necromancy. For this reason she despises necromancy and is willing to join the player character in their quest west in order to help stop the resurrections.

She once had a husband, Elliot, who has since passed. He was one of the victims of necromancy that Alice was forced to witness.

Doc Alice despises clowns and has a dislike for churches, missions, and other religious centers. She claims her dislike of religion is because she has dedicated her life to science. She also dislikes snake oilers who scam people with fake potions, though she does note she has no problem with any legitimate concoctions they brew.


  • Doc knows about many of the cemeteries or other places you may find undead (or good booze). Doc knows about one area in each region of the map:
Region Location Doc may reveal
a The Daveyard
b Old Mission
c Fort Alldead
d Military Cemetery
e Reboot Hill
f Buffalo Pile
g Last Custard Stand
h Moonshine Still


Doc has the following combat abilities:

Inv iconframe.pngIcon shotgunblast.png Scattergun Blast does a fixed amount of damage (based on Doc's level) to all opponents.
Inv iconframe.pngIcon medicine.png Patch Up lets Doc heal a target.
Inv iconframe.pngIcon bonesaw.png At level 3, Doc Alice gains the Bonesaw ability, an instant kill on any skeleton opponent.


  • Doc Alice only gains experience by fighting the undead.
  • As well as gaining basic stats and increased ranged damage, Doc also has improved spooky resistance in higher levels.
Level Muscle Mysticality Moxie Max HP Shotgun damage Heal amount Spooky Resistance Notes
1 3 5 4 15 3 10 0%
2 6 10 8 18 5 15 20%
3 9 15 12 21 7 20 20% Receives the bonesaw ability
4 12 20 16 24 9 25 40%
5 15 25 20 27 11 30 40%
6 18 30 24 30 13 35 60%
7 21 35 28 33 15 40 60%
8 24 40 32 36 17 45 80%


  • Doc Alice will leave the player if they take over the Necromancer at the Necromancer's Tower. This will also contribute to a bad ending. If you lose a fight when you have her as a pardner, you wouldn't go back to Dirtwater. Alice would just slap you until you wake up and the day continues
  • If you allow her, Doc Alice will kill the Necromancer at the Necromancer's Tower
  • She reveals at Olive Garden's Homestead that she has an herb garden behind her house in Boring Springs, though it is unseen from the player's perspective.
  • She has a noted distrust for El Vibrato technology, stating she believes it is alien in nature.
  • Alice and Elliot went to Dirtwater on their honeymoon.
  • Alice cannot speak Goblintongue despite the fact she owns a book on the language. It is likely that it was her late husband's book, as he learned a bit of their language for fun when he was alive.