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Dirtwater jail.png
Dirtwater Jail

There are five quests given at the Dirtwater Jail, each with two different paths. Two bounties are unlocked to start and an additional one is unlocked for each you complete (up to 5).



Look at the first poster to unlock the Desert House location. Sneak past or fight The-House-in-the-Desert-Gang there.

  • Reward: 500 meat and 30 - 33 XP.

Stripey Hat Gang[]

Look at the second poster to unlock the Cavern Canyon location.

Optional: rescue Doug from the kitchen.

  • Reward: 1000 meat and 30 - 33 XP

Potemkin Gang[]

The third poster unlocks The Potemkin Gang's Hideout.

  • Reward: 1000 meat and 45 - 48 XP

Blackhat Bandits[]

The fourth poster unlocks Old Millinery.

  • Reward: 1000 - 1500 meat and 75 - 80 XP

Gherkin Brothers[]

The fifth poster unlocks Abandoned Pickle Factory.

  • Reward: 1500 meat and 60 - 66 XP


  • Completing all 5 bounties by bringing in the thugs alive will give the Wanted: Alive achievement. Completing all 5 bounties by killing will give the Wanted: Dead achievement. Note you need Ruthless to get Wanted: Dead, but any alignment can complete Wanted: Alive.
  • Upon completing the 5 quests, you will get "Marshal" as your middle name, replacing your previous middle name if you already had one.