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East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Consulting the Southeast West map the Hostler gave you.

Dirtwater is one of the towns in West of Loathing. It is the starting point of the game.

Internal Locations[]


The Jewel Saloon[]

In the saloon you can rent a room (for free!), and acquire some simple quests. Additional small rooms include the poker room, a kitchen, and a stage, where the Dirtwater band plays (although you will need to find the band members).

Dirtwater Mercantile[]

The shopkeep here sells many items that will be beneficial to your adventures.

Dirtwater Post Office[]

Here you can drop off blank postcards with the clerk in order to receive packages from your brother Rufus.

There are also several P.O Boxes that can be accessed throughout the game to retrieve quest items.

Dirtwater Jail[]

Dirtwater does not currently have a Sherf (or a Sheriff, for that matter). There are several bounties that you can accept. You can bring in each group of criminals either dead or alive.

Completing all 5 bounties by bringing in the thugs alive will give the Wanted: Alive achievement. Completing all 5 bounties by killing will give the Wanted: Dead achievement. Note you need Ruthless to get Wanted: Dead, but any alignment can complete Wanted: Alive.

"Empty Lot" Locations[]

To the right of the main buildings are several empty lots. These fill in as you find and convince possible proprietors to set up shop here.

The exact stock of each shop depends on the order in which the lots are filled. In addition to their base inventory, an existing shop gains one new item to sell depending on which shop sets up immediately next door to them.

Possible shops include: