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The House in the Desert
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Accepting the quest to arrest the House-in-the-Desert gang from the wanted poster in the Dirtwater Jail

Desert House is the first wanted poster quest given at the Dirtwater Jail.

On the first arrival, the middle name "sneaky" can be gained.

You have 2 options to do this quest, you can either fight and kill them, or you can non-violently arrest them. For the latter you will need a skeleton bone, lock and a can of oil (which can be acquired by wandering, or at general stores).


Bad Guys[]

The Desert House gang
Bad guys
Rufus 'Rough' House
Art House
Coffey House
XP (kill)
30 - 33
XP (burn)
30 - 33
1 of
Desert Gang's sixgun
40% chance of black hat
20% chance of black boots


  • When you arrive you'll have to sneak (and perhaps acquire "Sneaky" as a middle name).
    1. While sneaking you first encounter a dog house. Giving it a skeleton bone allows you past the dog without alerting the gang.
    2. You next encounter a squeaky gate, and that's where the can of oil comes in.
    3. Upon reaching the front door you can complete the quest to arrest the gang by either locking them in and arresting them (with or without Hornswogglin' them first), or fighting them.
      • 1Having locked the door, if you are Ruthless and have a sulphur match, you can light the house on fire, receiving charred bones as evidence of your deed, but none of the drops.