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Curious Flat Plain
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The Curious Flat Plain is a location near the coast, north of Frisco. If accompanied by doc Alice, she will point out its a canyon that has been filled in at some point possibly by the same drones that can make the el vibrato bridge. A hole, with a ladder in it is visible on the right, leading to an underground area. If the Weather Adjustment Machine (see below) has been enabled it will be visible, allowing the player to toggle rain effects in this area.


In order to descend the ladder to the underground a Moxie stat of 30 is required. Once inside you find:

  • The skeleton of someone who was less careful on the ladder. Searching them gives you 4 - 6 El Vibrato scraps, an El Vibrato rod, and 2 - 4 El Vibrato punchcards.
  • A very large hexagonal object. It is initially inactive, but you can power it on by fixing the fusebox and switching local power to Roberto containment (see below).
  • An El Vibrato monolith.
  • A teleporter to an El Vibrato chamber.

El Vibrato Chamber[]

As well as the teleporter for getting out, the chamber contains 2 objects of significance:

  • A fusebox, described as a machine with piece that is obviously broken. You can repair it with an El Vibrato cylinder.
  • A terminal. This is initially unpowered, and you will need to fix the fusebox to use it. Once powered, you begin in "primary terminal" (PABU STAKUZSOM) mode, which offers 3 options to "select secondary terminal" (BUGA KUZLAZAK STAKUZSOM)

Local Power Terminal (HOSOM LAZAK STAKUZSOM)[]

You can here select where local power is routed. You have 4 options to "select local power destination" (BUGA HOSOM LAZAK GAPACHANO).

  • Extraterrestrial auditory beacon (GATABEZAKKRO NOKZAKPA NOFU)
  • Planetary orientation maintenance (NOTAZAK LACHAHOCHA SOMCHABECHA)
  • Municipal sedative pipeline (KUZHONO GACHAKUZ BENOKKRO)

Initially, the "current local power destination" (LACHO HOSOM LAZAK GAPACHANO) is set to planetary orientation maintenance. Setting it to Roberto containment will enable the large hexagon here, and is part of enabling the ability to complete the containment field, done in El Vibrato Control Center accessed through Deepest Delve Mine.

Weather Adjustment Terminal (NOCHA BUTAPU STAKUZSOM)[]

This terminal declares the "weather adjustment machine" (NOCHA BUTAPU CHOBU) "online" (BEGA) or "offline" (KUZKRO). In the latter case you may "increase weather adjustment machine power" (NOKZEVEZEVE NOCHA BUTAPU CHOBU LAZAK) to turn it on, and in the former case you may "decrease weather adjustment machine power" (LAZEVEZEVE NOCHA BUTAPU CHOBU LAZAK) to turn it off.

  • If the machine is online the Weather Adjustment Machine becomes visible above ground.
  • The weather machine has no direct impact on normal gameplay, but does affect the ending summary by making Olive Garden and Cactus Bill's union more fertile.

Garbage Terminal (NOKBU STAKUZSOM)[]

The garbage terminal begins with "garbage containment online" (NOKBU FUCHAFUSTA BEGA), giving you option of "garbage return" (NOKBU STAZAK), or returning to the primary terminal.

  • If you select garbage return, a trashpile will materialize, which you can loot for 30 - 45 El Vibrato scraps. You can only do this once, as system goes offline (KUZKRO) thereafter.