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Curious False Mountain
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The Curious False Mountain is a mountain on the Coast in West of Loathing. The route within leads you to an El Vibrato chamber, although there are several obstacles you first need to address, including a wall of boulders (requiring 30 Mysticality to move), a nest of snakes, and a large El Vibrato construct guard.

Bad Guys[]

The El Vibrato guard
Bad guys
an El Vibrato construct
XP (kill)
30 - 32
3 - 8 El Vibrato scraps
Bad guys
a coal snake
a baby coal snake
a baby coal snake
a baby coal snake
a baby coal snake
XP (kill)
210 - 219
80 - 100 meat
1 of
1 of
Snake Oilers only
Venom: 2 - 3
Medicine: 2 - 3


Making progress inside requires 30 Mysticality to get past the wall of boulders, and defeating the El Vibrato construct and snake nest. You will also observe a particularly large, initially unresponsive hexagonal shape. Deep within a teleporter exists which will bring you to the El Vibrato Chamber.

El Vibrato Chamber[]

The El Vibrato Chamber is a twin counterpart to the one at Curious Flat Plain — they both are sources of power for the Roberto Containment Facility in Deepest Delve Mine. Inside you can find


The terminal is initially unpowered, and you will need to fix the fusebox to use it. Once powered, you begin in "primary terminal" (PABU STAKUZSOM) mode, which offers 3 options to "select secondary terminal" (BUGA KUZLAZAK STAKUZSOM)

Local Power Terminal (HOSOM LAZAK STAKUZSOM)[]

In the local power menu you are given 4 options for redirecting the power.

  • Planetary garbage disposal (NOTAZAK NOKBU FUNOSTA)
  • Chronokey fabrication facility (NOZAKBE CHACHACHANO PUCHAZEVE)
  • Military coffeemaker system (STACHAPA BUGAANZEVE LANO)

Initially, the "current local power destination" (LACHO HOSOM LAZAK GAPACHANO) is set to planetary garbage disposal. Setting it to Roberto containment will activate the large hexagon inside the mine, and is part of enabling the ability to complete the containment field, done in El Vibrato Control Center accessed through Deepest Delve Mine.

Setting power to planetary garbage disposal, or to military coffeemaker does not do anything useful. Setting it to the chronokey fabrication facility enables that feature from the main menu.

Timesqueezer Terminal (HOBEPUGA STAKUZSOM)[]

The timesqueezer option allows you to toggle whether the timesqueezer is online or offline (HOBEPUGA BEGA or HOBEPUGA KUZKRO) by choosing "Increase Timesqueezer Power" (NOKZEVEZEVE HOBEPUGA LAZAK) or "Decrease Timesqueezer Power" (LAZEVEZEVE HOBEPUGA LAZAK).

Chronokey Terminal (NOZAKBE STAKUZSOM)[]

This menu declares whether the "chronokey fabrication facility power" (NOZAKBE CHACHACHANO PUCHAZEVE LAZAK) is online (BEGA) or offline (KUZKRO), which will depend on whether power has been set to the chronokey fabrication facility from the Local Power Terminal. If you already have a key-shaped El Vibrato device then it will announce "chronokey matter pipeline corruption detected" (NOZAKBE STAPA BENOKKRO BUSTAAN NOGACHA), and you will have no other options than to return to the previous menu.

Otherwise, you may "initialize chronokey fabrication" (ZAKHOLA NOZAKBE CHACHACHANO), which gives you a key-shaped El Vibrato device. The key is useful in a number of areas, revealing portals into Temporal Nexuses, and allowing you to acquire various unique, high-powered items, as well as rescue Alexandria in Alexandria Ranch


The Timesqueezer can either age things or de-age things based on which hole the item is put in. If something is put in the left hole, it ages, and if something is put in the right hole it gets de-aged. Only select items may be put in each hole.

Left Hole[]

Right Hole[]