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Curious Abandoned Well
West of the mountains
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The Curious Abandoned Well is a location West of the Mountains, near the coast just South of Ghostwood. You can't access the bottom of the well without a length of rope, which can be found in various shops.

At the bottom of the well is a Shockweed plant (requires Foragin 2), and an El Vibrato teleporter which sends you to an El Vibrato Chamber. This chamber, the hub, contains a return teleporter, as well as a terminal and an additional teleporter (rightmost) which can be controlled from the hub terminal to send you to a number of different El Vibrato places.

Note that the terminal is not active unless you've fixed the "fusebox" machine in El Vibrato Ruin. If active the screen states the "current teleporter destination" (LACHO ANBUKRO GAPACHANO), and pressing the button tells you "destination updated" (GAPACHANO BECHA).

Education Room (HOBUNO PUCHAZEVE)[]

By default the teleporter is set to the Education Room, where there is a machine that will teach you numbers in the El Vibrato language, from 0 to 6, as well as a terminal, which accepts punchcards to teach you various words in the vibrato dialect. To help with the latter, you can find 5 El Vibrato punchcards on a table.

Button Number Name (El Vibrato)
1 0 Ganila
2 1 Stasta
3 2 Anan
4 3 Nichabu
5 4 Hotata
6 5 Anbekuz
7 6 Pupu

Drone Fabrication (GABE CHACHACHANO)[]

Approach it
Bad guys
an El Vibrato construct (mysticality variant)
0-4 of
an El Vibrato construct (muscle variant)
an El Vibrato construct (healer variant)
an El Vibrato construct (moxie variant)

0-1 of
an El Vibrato construct (strong, muscle variant)
an El Vibrato construct (strong, healer variant)
an El Vibrato construct (strong, moxie variant)
XP (kill)
(30 - 32) x (constructs fought)1
1 - 3 El Vibrato scraps
1 - 3 El Vibrato punchcard
20% chance of El Vibrato punchcard (complicated)
30% chance of El Vibrato keystone
20% chance of El Vibrato battery

The facility features a button box that can be pressed to summon some El Vibrato constructs that you can fight for XP. The first time you fight a single mysticality-aligned construct. Subsequent fights add additional opponents, randomly selected from (a slightly different) mystical/healer, muscle, and moxie-aligned constructs, up to 6 foes at a time. If you have won 5 or more fights, the selection also includes slightly stronger variants.

  • 1The XP rewarded is calculated oddly because the winning count is not updated until after the calculation. The first 2 combats will result in the same reward, just 30 - 32; combats 3-6 will result in 30 - 32 x (constructs-1); after 6 have been fought it will grow to 180 - 192.

Equipment Fabrication (PACHOTA CHACHACHANO)[]

The facility features a terminal that allows you to fabricate El Vibrato rings and El Vibrato brooches, each requiring 5 El Vibrato scraps. You can also find an El Vibrato monolith here.

Secondary Storage (KUZLAZAK LAPU)[]

A room that contains two El Vibrato chests, each needing an El Vibrato keystone to open it, a pile of 4 - 6 El Vibrato scraps, and a table with a whining El Vibrato object on it.

Auditory Nuisance Containment (NOKZAKPA SOMNICHA FUCHAFUSTA)[]

This facility contains an El Vibrato drone that makes a constant beeping sound, and a terminal that allows you "select nuisance destination" (BUGA SOMNICHA GAPACHANO). You can choose from 7 numerical options for south (STANOKPA), and 7 numerical options for east (NINOKTA).

  • If you choose the wrong destination, the machine will declare "destination corruption detected" (GAPACHANO BUSTAAN NOGACHA), and inform you of the relative difference so you can try again.
  • The correct choice is 5 (ANBEKUZ) for south, and 3 (NICHABU) for east, which will transport it to The Jewel Saloon in Dirtwater where it will join the band.
    • Note that since the numbers start at 0 these are the 6th and 4th buttons to press.