Cow Puncher

"Cow Punchers solve their problems with their fists, whether it's shaking them at a disagreeable feller in a disreputable saloon or using them to punch a slightly more disagreeable feller in a slightly less reputable saloon.

You've heard that Cow Punchers are in demand out West since The Cows Came Home, which stands to reason. The Cows aren't gonna punch themselves, after all."

- In-game class description. Cow Puncher is one of three character classes in West of Loathing. The Cow Puncher primarily uses the Muscle stat, reducing experience costs by fifty percent.


  • Beef Up - Tap into your inner wellspring of beefiness, temporarily increasing your Muscle.
  • First Aid - In the West, doctors are few, far between, expensive and poorly trained. You've decided to take matters into your own hands.
  • Haymaker - A Haymaker is when you punch someone while the sun shines. There's a different name for when you punch somebody where the sun doesn't shine.
  • Bull Stomp - Sometimes, you just hate the ground.
  • The Ol' One Two Three - You've learned that the only thing better than hitting an enemy once is hitting an enemy several times.
  • Menacing Moo - Moo at your foes, weakening their resolve and their muscles.
  • Gore - You've spent enough time in the triangular area where two trails merge to know how to most efficiently hurt a whole row of things.

Other Skills

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