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Clown Campsite
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Investigating the tracks at the Destroyed Campsite

The Clown Campsite is a location in West of Loathing, south-west of the Destroyed Campsite. It is revealed when you investigate the tracks at the Destroyed Campsite, choosing to go in the opposite direction.


Clown knife

Circus ticket

Bad Guys[]

Head clown3.png The clowns
Bad guys
a knife clown
a clown mook
a clown with a gun
a sturdy barrel
XP (kill)
75 - 80
clown knife
circus ticket
  • You can talk the the clown on the far right, with enough pressure (and Hornswogglin' 2), you can get him to tell you the location of the Circus. With Hornswogglin' 4, you can ask for a discount. If you pressure too much about what they are doing here you can fight them.
  • If you beat them you will get the clown knife and circus ticket, as well as discover Danny's Tannery
  • If you fail to defeat them, the clowns will disappear and this location will no longer be available
  • Wearing the Colorful Hat and talking to the clown with the knife will result in him telling you it is offensive to clowns, but unlike the ticket seller or clown bodyguard at the Circus, there are no negative effects of this.