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East of the Mountains
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A circus run by terrifying clowns. It is officially known as Barnaby Bob's Perfectly Normal Traveling Circus Sideshow.

Despite the name, it is not normal at all.


  • Your "clown suspicion" value also affects the price. At level 2 the price increases to 7500 Meat, and at level 3 or higher it is 10000 Meat.
  • The clown you buy the ticket from will refuse to serve you if you are wearing the Colorful hat, and will ask you to remove it. After removing it, you can buy a ticket.

Outside the Tents[]

Test your might

Test your mind

Test your aim

Here you can find a balloon vendor at either end of the grounds, 3 skill-testing stalls, 3 consumable vendors, a sad kid (who lost his lucky cap), the entrance to the sideshow, and the entrance to the main tent.

Entering the main tent requires you win one of the skill-tests.

Balloon Vendor

  • A balloon can be purchased from the clown at either end of the grounds (if you do not have a balloon already).

Test Your Might (10 Meat)

Test Your Mind (10 Meat)

Test Your Aim (10 Meat)

Hot Food/Lost & Found

Cold Drinks

Cotton Candy

  • Sells surprisingly expensive cotton candy, at 300 Meat.
  • Purchasing a second one gives the option to also steal his slide whistle.
    • You can trade it back to him for a free cotton candy.
    • Alternatively, if you have not drained the Lost & Found of all items, you can place the whistle there, tell the Cotton Candy vendor that his whistle is in the Lost & Found, and thus learn the awful truth.

Sad Kid

  • He has lost his lucky cap, which you can offer to find for him.
  • After returning the lucky cap, the kid will offer to trade it for your balloon or your pocketknife if you have one. He disappears after this transaction.


  • Entrance to the sideshows requires a 300 Meat entrance fee.


  • The leftmost mirror shows you as a clown; looking at it 3 times results in you showing no reflection.
  • Looking in the middle mirror twice makes you Sore (which is not good!)

Clown Eggs

  • From an initial inspection you can tell that the balloon-selling clown outside is actually one person. (To which he will now confess if you subsequently ask him about it.)
  • By distracting the clown (asking him whether the eye-guy can blink) you can have a closer inspection, and note that the eggs are too large, and have been reassembled. If you also blanked the first mirror (by checking yourself out three times), you can further note that there is an egg matching your own, previously-reflected clown visage.

Pickled Punks

  • Initial inspection of the jars shocks you as a clown-painted grub-like creature in one of the jars lunges out. This is explained as a mere mechanical trick by the clown using an electromagnet.
  • A second inspection reveals that there is no actual mechanism involving an electromagnet.


  • Here you observe 3 people, none of whom seems to be there entirely willingly:
    • A person with an eyeball for a head (suspiciously chained down). Referred to only as "Eye-Guy".
    • Douglas, a double-sided guy
    • Janet, a woman with a mechanical torso.

Main Stage[]

  • In order to get past the clown guarding the main stage you need a circus show ticket (which you can acquire by winning one of the skill-tests), and a "clown suspicion" value of at least 3. Several factors affect clown suspicion:
    • +1 If you used Hornswogglin' (level 2), or Outfoxin' (level 4) on the clown at the main circus entrance.
    • +1 Wear the colorful hat upon entry to the circus.
    • +1 Each time you examine the clown eggs.
    • +1 Expose the balloon vendor(s) as being the same clown.
    • +1 Ask the hot dog vendor about "long pork".
    • +1 Discover the awful secret about cotton candy.
    • Suspicion is also acquired at the Clown Campsite:
      • +3 Wearing, and not removing the colorful hat when talking to the clowns at the Clown Campsite sets suspicion to 3.
      • +1 For not swallowing their absurd tale of walking all the way to the campsite on their lunchbreak.
      • +1 For asking for a discount on the circus, and receiving a ticket to the circus. Requires Intimidatin' (level 4), Hornswogglin' (level 4), or Outfoxin' (level 4).
      • +1 For saying that you do think demon clowns are maybe real.
      • +1 For blaming them for the wrecked camp nearby.
      • =3 fighting the clowns, and losing.
      • =0 fighting the clowns, and winning.
      • (Be aware that you can only access the main stage by looking in the third mirror after looking at the eggs and making the clown leave)
  • Inside is a stage and rows of chairs. Sitting down starts the show, where you end up as a semi-willing participant in Bob's knife-throwing act.
  • At the end of the show he hands you a coupon for a year's supply of dynamite.
  • Once the show is over you can go backstage to the trailer which is Barnaby Bob's Office.
    • Knock politely, understand that he is here for the cows not out to kill people, and he needs you to gather information. This unlocks Danny's Tannery if it was not already unlocked.
    • If you are rude to him repeatedly, he will kick you out of the Circus altogether and take the coupon for a year's supply of dynamite back. You also will not get Danny's Tannery unlocked.


  • Doing the sideshows first is recommended as you might not come back from the main tent.
  • If you wish to get the contents of Barnaby Bob's safe, you need to send the army of Fort Alldead to destroy the circus. The next day you will find it with its door blown off, allowing you to claim Barnaby Bob's burnished boots.
  • Walking up to the clown guarding the Main Stage while wearing the colorful hat is not recommended, for it can get you kicked out of the circus altogether.