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Chuck's House
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Examining the cabinet at the Postal Way Station, after receiving the postal code sheet

Chuck's House is a very suspicious B & B run by a very suspicious man named Chuck. The yard used to have a noose (which the player character insisted was a bird feeder), six broken windows, two unmarked graves, and a (locked) metal bulkhead leading to the basement, which is also the guest room.


The inside of Chuck's House contains a large puddle of what is probably tomato soup, a collection of rusty and bloody butcher tools, a small kitchen area, and a door to his bloodroom bedroom, which you cannot initially enter.

Examining the pantry closely allows you to switch the labels on the tea. Talking to Chuck subsequently will result in him going making tea and then going to sleep in the bedroom. You may then sneak into his bedroom and acquire Chuck's key from his dresser, which will allow you to open the basement guest room.


The basement is surprisingly mundane, looking very much like the guest bedroom it is supposed to be. Inside you can find: