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Cavern Canyon
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Receiving the quest to go after the Stripey Hat Gang upon reading the wanted poster in the Dirtwater Jail

Cavern Canyon is the location of the Stripey Hat Gang. It is the second quest given by the sheriff of Dirtwater.

The area consists of 3 cave entrances. The first contains a large spider, the second a doorway to the spider and a continuation of the cavern to the game which you cannot get through (but a spider could), and the third containing the gang.

You may arrest the gang, or kill them. You can go right out and fight them and then arrest them afterwards or if you have the ruthless perk you can kill them and let it be the end of that.


Bad Guys[]

The Stripey Hat gang
Bad guys
Phineas McGee
Judy Dawkins
Ferdinand Jenkins
a sturdy barrel
XP (kill)
30 - 33
XP (eaten)
tattooed tooth
1stripey hat


  • The spider cave has 3 boxes in it: Weapons, Medicine, and Booze. You may only open one before you are given compelling advice to leave before the spider eats you.
  • Releasing the spider makes this quest much faster and easier, with no hassle. In order to release the spider, you're going to need a hammer or a crowbar to get into the second cave.
    • After opening the spider door, you will find the gang helpless encased in cocoons in the 3rd cave. You can then transport them to town.
      • 1Alternatively, with the Ruthless perk, once cocooned you have the option of leaving them for the spider to eat (leaving behind only a tattooed tooth, and giving no XP).
  • Further into the gang's cave you can find the kitchen, where Doug is chained up. Rescuing him allows him to set up Hot Doug's Hot Dogs in Dirtwater.
    • Easter egg: special dialog if your character's name is Doug or Dog here.
  • With an El Vibrato rod you can reveal an El Vibrato monolith in the bar area.