West of Loathing Wiki
Full name Short name Map icon Region
Wanderin' Sally's Camp sally mapicon_campsite a
Dirtwater dirtwater mapicon_town a
Desert House bandit1 mapicon_house a
Cavern Canyon bandit2 mapicon_canyon a
Snakepit Mine mine1 mapicon_mine a
Fort Cowardice fort1 mapicon_fort a
Silversmith's House silversmith mapicon_house2 a
Stearns Ranch ranch1 mapicon_ranch a
The Daveyard cemetery1 mapicon_cemetery1 a
Shaggy Dog Cave shaggydogcave mapicon_cave a
Buttonwillow's Store buttonwillowstore mapicon_house3 a
Danny's Tannery tannery mapicon_factory a
Railroad Camp (East) railcamp mapicon_railcamp b
Old Railroad Camp (East) railcamp_finished mapicon_oldrailcamp b
Gustavson Gulch goblin1 mapicon_gulch b
Old Mission cemetery2 mapicon_mission b
Destroyed Campsite clowncrimescene mapicon_destroyedcamp b
Clown Campsite clowncamp mapicon_campsite b
Butterfield Ranch ranch3 mapicon_ranch b
Kole Ridge Mine mine2 mapicon_mine b
The Perfessor's House professor mapicon_house2 b
The Big Apple bigapple mapicon_bigapple b
Snake Spring snakespring mapicon_spring b
Dynamite Dan's dynamitedans mapicon_stand b
Circus clowns mapicon_circus c
The Potemkin Gang bandit3 mapicon_town c
Old Millinery bandit4 mapicon_factory c
Abandoned Pickle Factory bandit5 mapicon_factory c
Lazy-A Dude Ranch ranch2 mapicon_ranch c
Fort Alldead fort2 mapicon_fort c
Humming Cave elvibrato1 mapicon_cave c
Lost Dutch Oven Mine mine3 mapicon_mine c
Rescue Mission mission1 mapicon_mission c
The Silver Plater silverplater mapicon_house c
Ol' Schmaltz Brewery bandit7 mapicon_factory d
Chuck's House bandit8 mapicon_house d
Curious Abandoned Well elvibrato3 mapicon_well d
Curious Copse elvibrato4 mapicon_copse d
Alexandria Ranch ranch4 mapicon_ranch d
Fort Treason fort3 mapicon_fort d
Military Cemetery cemetery4 mapicon_cemetery1 d
Jumbleneck Mine mine4 mapicon_mine d
Ghostwood ghosttown1 mapicon_town d
Breadwood breadwood mapicon_town d
Postal Way Station postalstation mapicon_house2 d
Baker Boys' Hideout bandit9 mapicon_factory e
Necromancer's Tower necrotower mapicon_necrotower e
The Great Garbanzo's Hideout beancave mapicon_cave e
Old Medicine Show medicineshow mapicon_house e
Reboot Hill cemetery3 mapicon_cemetery1 e
Hellstrom Ranch ranch6 mapicon_ranch e
Soupstock Lode mine5 mapicon_mine e
The West Pole westpole mapicon_westpole e
Railroad Camp (West) railcamp2 mapicon_railcamp e
Old Railroad Camp (West) railcamp2_finished mapicon_oldrailcamp e
Fort Memoriam fort4 mapicon_fort f
Roy Bean's House roybean mapicon_house f
Jelly Bean Thieves' Hideout bandit10 mapicon_house2 f
Ol' Granddad goblin3 mapicon_giantcactus f
Shroomcave shroomcave mapicon_cave f
Buffalo Pile cemetery5 mapicon_buffalopile f
Petting Cemetery cemetery6 mapicon_cemetery1 f
Kellogg Ranch ranch5 mapicon_ranch f
Madness Maw Mine mine6 mapicon_mine f
Fort of Darkness fort6 mapicon_fort f
Frisco frisco mapicon_frisco g
Abandoned Mine mine7 mapicon_mine g
Fort Unnecessary fort5 mapicon_fort g
Jeweler's Cabin jewelrystore mapicon_house g
Last Custard Stand custardstand mapicon_stand g
Deepest Delve Mine mine8 mapicon_mine h
Curious Flat Plain elvibrato5 mapicon_elvibrato5 h
Curious False Mountain elvibrato6 mapicon_elvibrato6 h
Alamo Rent-A-Mule fort7 mapicon_alamo h
Moonshine Still moonshinestill mapicon_house h
Olive Garden's Homestead olivegarden mapicon_house3 h
Wasco's Comedy Shack wascos mapicon_stand h
Halloway's Hideaway hallowaystore mapicon_house2 h