West of Loathing Wiki

You may or may not have more than one finger, but in West of Loathing you can only wear one ring. The following table shows a list of all rings in the game. Below the table is the formal category listing.

Rings List[]

Image Name Enchantment Source Selling Price
Icon ring fivepile.png ancient ring +2 Maximum AP
+6 Moxie
+6 Armor
Icon ring bone.png bone-chip ring Have more random encounters with skeletons 150
Icon bowlingring.png bowling championship ring (DLC) +%house_ench2/@house_diff@% Melee Attack Damage
+%house_ench2/@house_diff@ Armor
Icon ring branding.png branding ring +7 Mysticality 60
Icon ring coal.png coal ring +40% to Meat Gains 200
Icon ring coccyx.png coccyx with a hole in it +5 Muscle 45
Icon ring sapphire.png cool sapphire ring +11 Moxie 2000
Icon ring cow.png cow-catcher ring Have more random encounters with cows 100
Icon ring cowseye.png cowseye ring +11 Muscle 100
Icon ring stinkgem.png effluvious emerald ring +3 Maximum AP
+5 Speed
Icon ring elv.png El Vibrato ring Makes El Vibrato encounters much more likely 50
Icon ring forage.png floral ring Makes foraging random encounters much more likely 100
Icon ring ghost.png ghost ring +5 Muscle
+5 Mysticality
+5 Moxie
+5 Armor
Icon ring glowing.png glowing ring +5 Maximum AP 1100
Icon ring goblin.png goblin engagement ring +5 Spell Damage
-3 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon ring goblin3.png goblin glass ring +6 Mysticality
-4 Muscle
Icon ring goblin4.png goblin lead ring +6 Moxie
-4 Mysticality
Icon ring goblin2.png goblin nail ring +6 Muscle
-4 Moxie
Icon ring diamond.png huge diamond ring +7 Muscle
+7 Mysticality
+7 Moxie
Icon ring lodestone.png lodestone ring +20% to Meat Gains 50
Icon ring meaty.png Meat-stained ring +30% to Meat Gains 20
Icon ring military.png military school class ring +8 Pistol Attack Damage 75
Icon nastyring.png nasty ring +1 Muscle
+1 Mysticality
+1 Moxie
Icon ring engagement.png old engagement ring Just sell it 200
Icon ring oldwedding.png old wedding ring 50
Icon ring nores.png Ring of Gettin' Places Faster Reduces the frequency of random encounters 75
Icon ring boring.png Ring of Inconspicuousness Get more non-combat random encounters 50
Icon ring3.png ring of moderate unpunchability +2 Armor 35
Icon ring1.png ring of smart thinkin' +6 Mysticality 50
Icon ring2.png ring of strongth +10 Muscle 65
Icon ring wood.png sandalwood ring +9 Pistol Attack Damage 60
Icon ring generic.png Santa Cortada's ring +2 Mysticality
+2 Speed
Icon ring serpent.png serpentine ring Have more random encounters with snakes 100
Icon ring silicon.png silicon ring +11 Mysticality 250
Icon ring4.png special magic ring +4 Mysticality 40
Icon spiderring.png spider ring (DLC) Attracts spiders 100
Icon ring hexgem.png thaumomorphic diorite ring +11 Spell Damage
+1 Maximum AP
Icon ring tontine.png unbreakable ruby ring +7 Armor 2000