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There's not much fashion in West of Loathing, but you can pin something to your lapel. The following table shows a list of all lapel embellishments in the game. Below the table is the formal category listing.

Lapel Embellishments List[]

Image Name Enchantment Source Selling Price
Icon lapel attorney.png attorney's badge (DLC) +17 Melee Attack Damage
+17 Spell Damage
+17 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon beanbadge.png bean-iron badge +7 Spell Damage 50
Icon pocketsquare3.png blood-soaked pocket square +13 Melee Attack Damage 50
Icon danpatch.png bowling shirt nametag (DLC) +X Moxie 100
Icon bandolier1.png buffalo bandolier +7 Pistol Attack Damage 50
Icon cgasbadge.png CGAS badge (DLC) +9 Muscle
+9 Mysticality
+9 Moxie
  • Gun Manor ghost buster at violent end of DLC
Icon medals.png chest full of medals +9 Moxie 75
Icon brooch elv.png El Vibrato brooch +11 Armor 80
Icon bandolier4.png enchanted bandolier +3 Pistol Attack Damage
+2 Speed
Icon bandolier2.png fine bandolier +3 Pistol Attack Damage 50
Icon gildedlily.png gilded lily +3 Moxie 40
Icon scarabpin.png golden scarab pin +5 Mysticality 100
Icon gothbrooch.png Gothic cameo 20% Spooky Resistance 30
Icon grannybrooch.png Granny Smith's lucky brooch +25% Item-finding Bonus 300
Icon bandolier3.png greased bandolier +2 Pistol Attack Damage
+1 Maximum AP
Icon hallowaypick.png Halloway's pin +20 Maximum HP 40
Icon marigold.png lucky marigold +1 Muscle
+1 Mysticality
+1 Moxie
Icon adequacymedal.png medal of adequacy +7 Muscle
+7 Mysticality
+7 Moxie
  • On General Whatshisname's desk in the Administration building at Fort Unnecessary
Icon pin.png Necromancers, I Hate 'Em button +9 Mysticality 65
Icon pocketsquare1.png perfumed pocket square 20% Stench Resistance 40
Icon brainpin.png Purple Brain pin +7 Mysticality 55
Icon pocketsquare2.png reinforced pocket square +3 Armor 30
Icon sherfbadge.png replica Sherf badge +1 Armor 30
Icon nastybrooch.png revolting brooch +2 Muscle
+2 Mysticality
+2 Moxie
Icon cavalrypin.png rifleman insignia pin +3 Pistol Attack Damage 60
Icon rustybadge.png rusty deputy badge +7 Pistol Attack Damage 50
Icon pocketsquare5.png shimmering pocket square +5 Speed 50
Icon abalonepin.png shiny abalone brooch +8 Mysticality 60
Icon mra.png smiling face button +15 Muscle
+15 Mysticality
+15 Moxie
  • Talking to the jawbone of Ed the Undying in the crypt at the end of Temporal Nexus
Icon hotflower.png smoking chrysanthemum +2 Spell Damage 40
Icon pocketsquare4.png stylish pocket square +7 Moxie 50
Icon robertolapel.png tentacled badge 20% Spooky Resistance 75
Icon badge texas.png Texas Ranger badge +9 Muscle 65
Icon weirdbone.png weirdly deformed bone +5 Spell Damage 40

Category List[]