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Buttonwillow McKittrick's Store
East of the Mountains
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Buttonwillow's Store is a location in West of Loathing, north-east of The Daveyard. It is revealed when you wander in this area. General store where you can buy and sell items. Especially good if you need tools (ie Needles, Shovels, Pickaxes, etc.)


1-2 a length of rope Meat See note 1
1 Advanced Beancraft 300 Meat (Beanslingers only)
1 Advanced Cow Punchin' 300 Meat (Cow Punchers only)
1 bag of Shroom-Gro 500 Meat (only with Gary)
1-2 bar of soap Meat See note 1
1-3 can of oil 30 Meat See note 1
* cheap whiskey 60 Meat
* cheap tequila 60 Meat
11 cheap wine 60 Meat
1 crowbar 1000 Meat See note 2
1 Desert Eatin' and Drinkin' 1500 Meat See note 3
1 disposable binoculars 200 Meat
1 hammer 1000 Meat
1-2 handful of nails 10 Meat See note 1
1-2 lock Meat See note 1
1 Locks and How to Pick Them 1500 Meat See note 3
1 Mind Your Meat 1500 Meat See note 3
1 Modern Snake Oiler 300 Meat (Snake Oilers only)
1-2 needle Meat
1 pickaxe 1000 Meat
1 shovel 1000 Meat See note 2


  1. She will sell a can of oil, and then pick 2 out of lock, bar of soap, can of oil, handful of nails, or a length of rope
  2. She will sell either a crowbar or a shovel.
  3. The 2 books you did not select from your mother are sold either here or at the Breadwood Trading Post.
  • The code to initialize the store also suggests she sells 2 sulphur matches, but the wrong store name is used so they do not show up. This may or may not be fixed in a future patch.