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Butterfield Ranch
East of the Mountain
Unlocked by

If you do not already have access to this area, you can find after safecrackin' the third locker inside Kole Ridge Mine. There is a hellcalf you must fight in order to explore this area


Outside -


Bad Guys[]

Ungulith1.png Field of unguliths This fight counts as a cow fight with value 2
Bad guys
1 - 4 unguliths
XP (kill)
(15 - 16) * number of unguliths
1 of
30% chance of 1 of
5% chance of cowseye
130% chance of 1 of
WoL cow.png Entranceway hellcalf This fight counts as a cow fight with value 2
Bad guys
XP (kill)
15 - 16
1 of
extra-thick leather
  • A strong hellcalf, at the entrance
  • Far Right, an effectively infinite number unguliths to fight
    • The number of unguliths you will fight in each combat depends on how often you have done this fight. The first time there will be one, and an additional one is added every 2 successful combats after, until there are 4 unguliths.
    • 1The chance of an extra drop of a brass bull ring or infernal soul fragment is not enabled until the 4th successful fight here.
  • In Hard Mode the fights begin scaled as if you were already on your 5th fight (i.e, with 3 unguliths).
    • Hard Mode also limits you to 5 fights per day.