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Portrait skeletone1.png

Cow Puncher
Snake Oiler
Muscle: 18 - 48 18 - 28 18 - 28
Mysticality: 18 - 28 18 - 48 18 - 28
Moxie 30 - 40 30 - 40 30 - 60

HP:  90 - 120
Speed:  6
Base Damage:  19
Armor:  0
Target:  Highest HP

Portrait skeletone1.png

Cow Puncher
Snake Oiler
Muscle: 42 - 642 42 - 242 42 - 242
Mysticality: 42 - 242 42 - 642 42 - 242
Moxie 70 - 270 70 - 270 70 - 670

HP:  108 - 144
Speed:  8
Base Damage:  25
Armor:  0
Target:  Highest HP

Buffalo (x3) Bill is an additional combat pardner you can acquire by resurrecting him from skeletal remains at Buffalo Pile. Unlike other pardners, he does not level up, and has fixed stats the same as a region E bad guy. He is not controlled by the player during combat.

He has memories of his past lives, though they are vague. His buffalo side remembers chewing on grass and his human side remembers shooting people.


To acquire Buffalo (x3) Bill, you must first resurrect him:

  • Collect the Buffalo Pile locker key from the robe next to the reanimation table.
  • Unlock the locker on the right, a couple of rooms over.
  • Collect the appropriate bones from the bone shelf.
  • Make a beaker of buffalo reanimating fluid.
    • Pick up an empty beaker in the room with the four vats of liquid.
    • Fill the beaker with milk, then blood, then ichor in that order.
  • Place the bones on the reanimation table.
  • Pour the reanimating fluid on the skeleton.

Once in existence, you can either offer to let him travel with you, or let him go off on his own.

  • If you haven't killed the necromancers in Buffalo Pile, Buffalo (x3) Bill will do so before joining you or leaving. You will still receive the Unlimited Bones perk.

In Combat[]

  • Is an uncontrollable pardner that sits on the backline taking shots at enemies for damage. Like any other pardner, death during battle is not permanent.
  • He always targets the enemy with the current highest health. This choice also determines the damage dealt, which is half of the targeted enemy's hit points (rounded down).
    • In most cases this means the player character will need to finish them off on their own. However, if his target is blocked by an enemy in front, the intended damage amount will instead be dealt to the blocking enemy.
    • If the remaining target has only 1 hit point, he will whiff.
  • Unlike other pardners, he will continue to follow you when you are dealing with Emperor Norton in his train heist.
  • He, and his wingstore shown in the ending cutscene is clearly a reference to Buffalo Wild Wings.