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Breadwood Trading Post
Unlocked by
Access to Breadwood

The Breadwood Trading Post is literally a post physically located inside the The Buttery Biscuit.


1-2 a length of rope Meat See note 1
1 Advanced Beancraft 700 Meat (Beanslingers only)
1 Advanced Cow Punchin' 700 Meat (Cow Punchers only)
1 bag of Shroom-Gro 500 Meat (only with Gary)
1 bar of soap Meat See note 1
1 blank postcard 10 Meat
1 can of oil 30 Meat See note 1
1 crowbar Meat
1 Desert Eatin' and Drinkin' 2500 Meat See note 2
3 - 5 dynamite 30 Meat
1 handful of nails 10 Meat See note 1
3 lasso Meat
1 lock 30 Meat See note 1
1 Locks and How to Pick Them 2500 Meat See note 2
1 Mind Your Meat 2500 Meat See note 2
1 Modern Snake Oiler 700 Meat (Snake Oilers only)
1 monkey wrench Meat
1 mushroom plucking pliers 300 Meat
2 sulphur match Meat See note 3
1 wet boots Meat


  1. The post will stock one length of rope, and one of the following items: can of oil, lock, bar of soap, handful of nails, or a length of rope
  2. One of the 2 books you did not select from your mother is sold here, while the other will be at Buttonwillow's Store.
  3. The store nominally stocks 2 sulphur matches, but due to a coding bug it will have 2 more once you have visited Buttonwillow's Store.