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West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Talking to Smee about the canyon blocking the railroad

Breadwood is a town West of the Mountains. Part of the main quest involves going to Breadwood to secure lumber, in order to build a bridge for the Manifest Destiny Railroad Company.

The Mayor of Breadwood gives you many quests. Five of the seven must be completed in order to secure the lumber contract and build the bridge to the coast and Frisco.

Internal Locations[]

Breadwood Mayor's Office[]

Breadwood's mayor has a list of things that need to be done. The following quests may be completed:

Lumber permit[]

  • Go to Ghostwood and deal with the ghost bureaucracy.
    • Go to town hall to get a visitor's ID.
      • Find a #3 pencil.
        • Go to the Office Supply store. They will refuse to serve you without a visitor's permit or ID.
        • Go back to Town Hall. Note that there are six bars on the jailhouse window.
        • Answer the clerk's questions and get a temporary visitor's permit. It expires in eleven seconds. This is not enough time to buy a pencil.
        • Pick a #4 pencil out of the cactus near town hall using the corner of the temporary visitor permit. You now have a ghost pencil.
        • Shave off 25% of the pencil using the pencil sharpener outside of the Salooooon.
        • Go back to Town Hall.
        • Answer the clerk's question exact same way you did previously, even if the answers are incorrect. The ONLY exception is that there are now ten bars on the jailhouse window and door.
        • Receive Ghostwood visitor's ID.
    • Locate the logging records
      • Speak with the clerk in Town Hall.
      • Go to the Stable where the Department of Records in located.
      • Remind them you are looking for logging records. Plot twist: they are not there.
      • Go next door to the Jail where the Adjunct Department of Records is located. They will refuse to give you the records without a stapler.
      • Go to the Office Supply store.
      • Request a stapler.
        • Fill out the requisition for the exact same way you answered the questions for your visitor's ID.
        • Inform them if you like pie or cake.
        • Receive a ghost stapler.
      • Go back to the Jail / Adjunct Department of Records
      • Give them the stapler, receive the Breadwood logging report.
      • Return to the Department of Records in the Stable.
      • Bring the folder to Town Hall. The clerk will reject the because they are stapled. Return to the Adjunct Department of Records in the Jail.
    • Get the documents unstapled.
      • The Adjunct Department of Records is not sanctioned to unstaple, so they will send you to the Department of Records in the Stable.
      • The Department of Records is sanctioned to unstaple but does not have a staple remover because they loaned it to the Department of Liberations in the Salooooon.
      • Visit the Department of Liberations and retrieve the ghost staple remover.
      • The Department of Liberations is not sanctioned to unstaple, so return to the Department of Records.
      • Return the unstapler and have the staple removed.
    • Return to Town Hall to finalize paperwork
  • Return to Breadwood and have the mayor sign the forms.
    • Loan the mayor your sharpened ghost pencil. Make sure you collect it when he's done.
    • Return to Ghostwood and submit the papers with Town Hall.
    • Wait 48 hours for the paperwork to be processed.
  • Return to Ghostwood to pick up the Breadwood logging permit.

Missing mail[]

  • The mayor of Breadwood suggests speaking with Reginald in order to sort out the missing mail issue.
    • Speak with Reginald in the Breadwood Bunkhouse.
    • Travel to Postal Way Station.
    • Inspect the paper stacks. You will receive a letter to Roy Bean and a blank postcard.
    • Inspect the cabinet full of maps. You do not understand them. You will have to ask for help from a professional.
    • Travel to Dirtwater to ask about the maps.
    • Return to Postal Way Station
    • Inspect the maps once again. This will reveal Chuck's House along the postal route.
    • Travel to Chuck's House.
    • Find your way into his "guest room" (basement). The bulkhead is locked.
      • Talk to Chuck in his main room. He will mention he makes tea that makes people very sleepy.
      • Inspect his cabinet. Switch the labels on his boxes of Sleepytime tea and Earl Grey.
      • Talk to Chuck again about his tea. He will remember he was boiling water and wishes to make Earl Grey.
        • Chuck will drink the Sleepytime tea and fall asleep in his room.
      • Sneak into Chuck's bedroom and steal the key to his basement.
      • Go the bulkhead outside and let yourself into the basement.
    • You will find Breadwood's missing mail there.
    • Exit the basement and you will run into the postman who lost it. He will take it from you and promise to deliver it to Breadwood himself.
    • Visit the mayor to confirm the mail was safely returned and collect 90 XP.

Missing soup[]

Stolen yeast[]

Stolen bread[]

  • Head to the Baker Boys' Hideout
    • Talk to the Billy and Jerry Baker and either:
      • Get Louise Lathrop to become their baker
      • Tell them about Kellogg Ranch and let them sneak over and steal grain
      • Tell them about Buffalo Pile and how to grind bones into fertilizer
      • Teach Jerry how to find wild ingredients for Billy's baking
      • Bake the bread yourself
  • Return to Breadwood to deliver the bread to the mayor and collect 90 XP.

Untended cemetery[]

  • The mayor informs you that the skeletons of deceased military veterans keep rising from the dead at the Military Cemetery. He wishes for you to put a stop to this.
  • Travel to the Military Cemetery.
    • Walk up to the caretaker's shanty on the far right of the screen. The caretaker is not at his post.
    • Investigate the shanty. A flier will reveal that the caretaker has left to join a historical reenactment group at Fort Memoriam.
  • Travel to Fort Memoriam.
    • Talk to the group of friends playing roleplaying games at the fort to determine who among them is the cemetery caretaker. The correct character is one of the players on the right of the table eating chips named Jeff.
    • Speak with Jeff. If you have not done so already, you will need to break his winning streak by winning one of the games at the table. This can also be done with Hornswogglin' 4, Outfoxin' 4, or Intimidatin' 4.
    • Jeff will then return to his post at the shanty.
  • Return to Breadwood and inform the mayor that the dead will not be rising any longer and collect 90 XP.

Overdue library book[]

  • The mayor informs you that Alexandria has taken the book out.
  • Upon hearing this you can head to Alexandria Ranch and investigate the burnt bookshelf and find the missing book on one of her desecrated shelves.
  • Return to Breadwood and deliver the book to the mayor and collect 90 XP.

The Buttery Biscuit[]



  • You can play a game of Pharaoh with the two gentlemen at the bottom right of the bar once per playthrough to earn some meat based on your moxie.


  • 32xp for paying off the tab of the dishwasher (150 meat). He will then leave for Dirtwater.

Breadwood Trading Post[]

The Breadwood Bunkhouse[]




  • 1xp for flushing the toilet.
  • 3xp for washing up in the sink.


  • A drunken horse is seen wandering around town. That's how you know the town's gone to pot.
  • The town will be shown as revitalized in the ending cutscene if you complete all seven of the mayor's tasks. For partial completion you will be shown a very minor improvement to the town, such as "cleaning the weeds".
  • If one uses an alternative bridge, such as the El Vibrato or bone bridge, the town will not be unlocked, thus locking the player out of several quests and locations.