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Boring Springs Horsery
The Town of Boring Springs
Unlocked by
Speak to the Hostler in the Saloon

The Horsery is initially closed and its owner, the Hostler, can be found at the Boring Springs Saloon. He is not there when the player first arrives in town, tacking a note on his door that states he has "gone drinking". This location is not available until the Hostler is spoken to in the bar.

He will have issues trying to find some of his lost horse, and will give you 300 meat for every horse found, and an extra 100 if you find all of them. He will sell you a Horse for 1000, but you may pick only one, as that horse will remain with you for the remainder of this game. The dark horse is not available in Hard Mode.




  • Once you've taken on his horse-quest, you can ask him about his old knee injury, which will reveal that Doc Alice has a liking for "Nurse" brand whiskey.