Barnaby Bob

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Barnaby Bob
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Barnaby Bob is the proprietor of Barnaby Bob's Perfectly Normal Traveling Circus Sideshow. He is an expert knife-thrower and Duke of Hell.

Quests/Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • At the end of your semi-willing participation in the knife-throwing main show, he hands you a coupon for a year's supply of dynamite.
  • Once the show is over you can go backstage to the trailer which is Barnaby Bob's Office.
    WARNING: You only have one shot at this per new game. If you say the wrong thing here it will lock off this quest for that run.
    • Step 1
      • Peek in the window - you see stuff, then choose from remaining options
      • Knock on the door politely - move to step 2
      • Kick the door rudely - Barnaby on edge and annoyed, but you can continue quest if you then back down and state that you just wanted his attention.
    • Step 2
      • Who are you? - be warned to not waste his time. then choose from remaining options
      • What are you doing here? - move to step 3
      • What are you plotting, exactly? - Bob answers the question and you can choose another option after.
      • Err, nevermind. I'll be leaving now - Character leaves and is locked out of the quest
    • Step 3
      • You are here on a murder spree - learn about clowns (quest fails and is locked)
      • You are here for the cows - move to step 4
      • You're here to take over - learn about clowns then fail quest
    • Step 4
      • You need me - move to step 5
      • I have friends in high places. Dangerous friends - quest failed and locked
      • It would be a waste of your time - quest failed and locked
    • Step 5
      • Er, nevermind. I'll just be leaving, then. - character leaves (quest fail)
      • I'm serious - correct answer.
  • Correctly navigating the above conversation unlocks Danny's Tannery if it was not already unlocked. It also unlocks the ability to sell most cow drops for more meat than other vendors would pay, and in bulk (eg. you can either click "sell 1 cow fang" or "sell all cow fangs")
  • In Danny's Tannery, proceed to the end, observing what is going on with the tanning and finding the Packet of cowsbane seeds
    • Then report back for rewards and more info.
    • If you hand over the Cowsbane Seeds you get 1000 meat and the quest is stalled.
    • If you first grow them into a Bale of cowsbane then you get 1000 meat and the quest is stalled.
    • If you go on and use them yourself as per Hellcows quest, then you for some reason cannot report it to Barnaby, and the quest is stalled.

Bounties[edit | edit source]

Barnaby Bob gives a reward for various cow-related bounties

Location[edit | edit source]