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Baker Boys' Hideout
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Ask the mayor of Breadwood about the missing bread

The Baker Boys' Hideout is a location in West of Loathing, west of Reboot Hill. It is unlocked when you agree to help the mayor of Breadwood get the bread that was stolen.



  • There are several ways you can go about helping the Baker Boys, no matter which route you take you will receive forty loaves of bread
  1. I might know someone... : If you have talked to Louise Lathrop at Lazy-A Dude Ranch, travel there and give her a bar of soap
  2. I know a place : If you have the Unlimited Grain perk, gotten at Kellogg Ranch, or the Unlimited Bones perk, obtained at the Buffalo Pile.
  3. I'm a pretty good forager : requires Foragin' 3
  4. Hell I don't have time... : 35 Mysticality, or 25 Mysticality as a beanslinger