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Alexandria Ranch
West of the Mountains
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Alexandria Ranch is a ranch owned by Alexandria. That is, before it was shelled by the insane commander of the nearby Fort Treason. There's not much left now except for an underground bunker full of rare books.

Some runty hellcalves prevent access to the ranch remains, so you will first have to deal with those.


To access the basement place an artillery targeting flare on the vault then head back to Fort Treason to use the demi-culverin cannonball to blast the vault open. You will also need the Fort Treason ballistics chart and a sulphur match. The following books can then be found in the basement:

Bad Guys[]

WoL cow.pngWoL cow.pngWoL cow.png Some runty hellcalves This fight counts as a cow fight with value 4
Bad guys
a runty hellcalf
a runty hellcalf
a runty hellcalf
XP (kill)
90 - 96
2 of
3 smoldering leather