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Dirtwater bookstore.png
Alexandria's Bookstore
Unlocked by
Rescuing Alexandria from the time portal at Alexandria Ranch

Alexandria's Bookstore opens in Dirtwater after speaking with Alexandria once she has been pulled back through the El Vibrato portal which appears on her ranch.


1 Advanced Beancraft 500 Meat (Beanslingers only)
1 Advanced Cow Punchin' 500 Meat (Cow Punchers only)
1 Desert Eatin' and Drinkin' 1500 Meat
1 Forgotten Lore 1500 Meat With Murray's Curiosity & Bean next door
1 Get Crackin': A Guide to Modern Safes 1500 Meat
1 Kickin' Ass and Chewin' Gum 1500 Meat With Tony's Boots next door
1 Mind Your Meat 1500 Meat
1 Modern Snake Oiler 500 Meat (Snake Oilers only)
1 Mycology, Yourcology 500 Meat
1 Percussive Maintenance 500 Meat
1 Tanning and Tanning 1500 Meat With Grady's Fine Leather Goods next door
1 The Quick and the Drunk 1500 Meat With Liquid Bread Brewing Co. next door
1 To Serve Food to Mankind 1500 Meat With Hot Doug's Hot Dogs next door
1 Walking Stupid 1500 Meat