Abandoned Pickle Factory

The Abandoned Pickle Factory is a location in West of Loathing. It is revealed when you accept the quest from the Wanted Poster for The Gherkin Brothers.

Afer reaching the door at the factory, the player will have a vision where they are working a triple shift as a pickle hopper. The vision is important as it has clues to the mission. Players who forget the information can get it again by either communing with the gravestone (requires 200 Mysticality or fight a ghost in each room. The ghosts will then have the relevant numbers the player needs.

Completing this puzzle will reward the player with ghost remains that can be turned in at the jail in Dirtwater to complete the bounty for 60 exp and 1500 Meat.


Cukes room

The first clue in the vision is that players will need to keep the cuke shunts level equal. The easiest way to do this is to use levers 1 and 2 to set the right side vat to 1, then use the levers to equalize the first two vats to read 16. After that, pulling the right side lever 5 times will equalize all of the vats.

There is also a cucumber-obsessed ghost in this room that can provide the pile of bones and cucumbers.

Salt Room

In the vision the player has had their first break and are managing the salt tank. The boss says the brine concentration has to be kept at a salinity of nine hundred and seventy-six parts per thousand. The levers, left to right, control the hundreds place, tens place, and ones place of the salinity value. Use them to set the appropriate salinity.

There is a salt-shrouded ghost in this room that provides the salt-crusted skull.

Vinegar room

After another short break, the boss in the vision says the vinegar must be kept at exactly one hundred and ninety degrees. To heat the vinegar, put coal in the furnace, then use the bellows. Once it's close, use single scoops of coal along with the bellows and the steam release valve to get the vinegar to the right temperature. The easiest way is to use the steam valve until it no longer works, then add fifty coal and use the bellows. Add three more coal and use the bellows one last time.

If needed, there is a shovel in the coal cart. There is also The ghost in the vinegar room that provides vinegar-soaked bones.

Outer room

Once all three areas are working correctly, use the pickle control switch in the main room. This will reward the player with 3 ghost pickles.

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